Certificaton of Sanitisation June 2020

Sanitisation Programme

A specialist cleaning company has been contracted to undertake a comprehensive disinfection and sanitisation of all our public areas, inclusive of the following:

  • Public malls
  • Public washrooms
  • Reception area
  • Food court
  • Public lifts
  • Touch surfaces – handrails, benches, bins, planters, doors, information points, stairwells, and moving walkways.

This process is certified to comply with the current best standards and practice.

It will be repeated at regular intervals as necessary going forward.

See below copy of the relevant certification.

Routine Cleaning

Our cleaning team, throughout the day and every day, will continue to clean down all touch surfaces with approved disinfectants and sanitisers.

Sanitising Stations

Sanitising stations will be available at all our entrances for visitors to use for their own protection.

View the video below for further details.



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