Great Valentines Gifts at Flying Tiger

Valentines Statement: 

Love is in the air. February is Valentines and Flying Tiger are celebrating love for everybody.

Your partner, your mum and dad, your grandparents, your school mates, your colleagues. They want to help you show them you care! 

Find all the Valentines gifts your heart desires at Flying Tiger Copenhagen!”

Chocolate Card €2

Coupons €2

Diary with lock €3

Foil Balloon €1

Foil Balloon €1

Foil Balloon €1

Gift Bags €2

Gift Bags €2

Marshmallows €2

Mini Envelopes €2

Noticeboard €10

Tealights €2

Cards 2 for €1

Valentines Chocolate €3


Stay in Bed Statement 

“Who do you want to spend a day (or a whole weekend) in bed with and how would you spend it? February is short, so you might as well steal a day. Forget the alarm, but remember your check list (so you don’t need to get up).  


There are so many things you can do: Have a pillow talk with your best friend, cuddle up with your Valentine, have breakfast in bed or simply surrender to sleep alongside someone you love.”


Do-It-Together Crafts Statement

“Midterm holidays are a time for being creative and spending time together. 

Release your inner artist, make beautiful beaded jewellery or start a new crochet project this February at Flying Tiger Copenhagen”  

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