Insomnia Limited Edition Summer Drinks Menu

Coffee with a Summer Inspired Twist

At Insomnia they’re turning coffee on its head with the launch of their new limited edition summer drinks.

They’re welcoming Orange Espresso Tonic, Cold Brew and Amaretto Affogato to our summer menu for a short time only. Make sure to get them while they’re cold!! Their inspiration for these limited-edition drinks came from infusing their love of coffee with a refreshing twist just in time for those long hot summer days!


Amaretto Affogato

Add a twist of sophistication to your afternoon coffee with this delicious Affogato. A take on the classic Italian dessert, Amaretto flavoured creamy indulgence topped with a shot of their signature hot espresso. The result is a deliciously gooey caffeinated delight which not only cools you down but provides a beautiful marble effect, the perfect Instagram shot of the summer!


Orange Espresso Tonic

Light and refreshing, Insomnia have mixed two classics’ – tonic water and espresso for a unique and perfectly balanced summer beverage. The freshness of the tonic compliments both the bitterness of the Robusta and the acidic and sweet caramel Arabica notes of the coffee beans. Tonic water is first poured over ice and orange syrup and then topped with a double shot of signature espresso. The result is a stunning two toned ombré effect.


Cold Brew

Slowly brewed in a gentle process giving a smoother, richer flavour. It can be served on its own, with ice or with a dash of milk. So how does Cold Brew differ to an Iced Coffee? An Iced Coffee is simply hot espresso poured over ice to cool it.



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